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1.  What makes marine container inventory levels fluctuate?

- Business levels of import, export, and domestic traffic
- Pier/Ramp congestion
- Severe weather
- Railroad maintenance and repair projects
- Steamship line empty repositioning
- Chinese New Year
- Street-turns

2.What Is the legal Weight in California?

Maximum Cargo Weight (with REGULAR chassis) :
       37,500 Ibs (17.00 ton): 20ft container
       44.500 Ibs (20.18 ton): 40/45ft container

Maximum Cargo Weight (with SPECIAL chassis):
       44,000 Ibs (19.75 ton): 20ft container with 3 - axle chassis
       56,500 Ibs (25.62 ton): 40/45 ft super - chassis ( 3 or 4 axles)


1. Reefer container
       Should deduct between 2,500 and 3,000Ibs from the above cargo weight to accommodate
       weight of fully fueled.

2. Special Chassis Rental Cost
       Rental cost varies by area and vender.
       The average figure is an extra $150.00

3. Contace Point
       If you have HEAVIER cargo exceeding above weight guidelines, then please send message.
       We will evaluate on a case by case basis and reply with additional charge or refusal of cargo.

For more detailed information please see the following link:

3.  How do a get a quote?

Call us at

4.  What information do I need to get a rate quote?

Call us!!!

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